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New Writer in the Spotlight: Samuel Bjork

I’M READING AGAIN after a week of reader’s block. I started a book by a new writer/book that’s been getting much attention: Samuel Bjork’s I’M TRAVELING ALONE.  It lands in US bookstores Feb 23rd but it’s already out in the UK which … Continue reading

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David Bowie’s (1947 to 2016) “Top 100 Must Read Books”

Like fellow music fans, I’m sad that David Bowie has passed. During the huge outpouring of memories, pics, popular quotes on Twitter, I ran across this Guardian article from 2013 of David Bowie’s top 100 “must read” books. It’s an interesting … Continue reading

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“Humans are fascinated by evil,” – Ian Rankin or The Myths of Reading Crime Fiction

As readers of crime fiction, are you fascinated with evil?  I’ve read so many reasons why we read crime fiction and I don’t agree with some of them. I’ve been meaning to write this kind of post for the longest … Continue reading

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In Remembrance: Agatha Christie

Novelist, bestselling author and most translated author ever in history, Agatha Christie was born on this date, September 15, 1890. People love to say: she outsold everything except the Bible. She’s being celebrated all over the world this month. I’m … Continue reading

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Which Translation is Best?

Readers, I need to pick your brain. So, I’ve made up my mind to read Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky but Amazon sells different editions with different translators. What it all boils down to is who is the best translator? … Continue reading

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Titles: Wash, Rinse and Repeat

Sound alike/look-alike titles are a thing and an annoying thing, too. I find it kind of gimmicky. I did a post on this several years ago pointing out the too similar sounding book titles or names.  It’s amusing to see books … Continue reading

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