2013 Mystery Titles

This is by no means an exhaustive list and availability will vary based on your geographic location. The titles listed here are books that I’ve put on my wishlist or pre-ordered. Open to other title suggestions that I may have overlooked. Thanks!

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Let Me Go by Chelsea Cain (US, August 13, 2013) Series seems to be going strong with readers. The last book, Kill You Twice (2012) was a decent entry mystery-wise but I was wanting to see less of Gretchen and more of Archie and less of their twisted storyline. No doubt, Chelsea Cain can write thrillers and she excels at urgency. I do plan to read this one because she is an author that is hard to let go no matter what my criticisms have been of her work. If there are any new fans interested in reading her, Heartsick is the first book in the series.

A Serpent’s Tooth by Craig Johnson (US, June 4)  follows Walt Longmire in Wyoming. I adored the first book in the series, The  Cold Dish. The stories so far are character driven with humor. For those with queasy stomachs, this series isn’t riddled with violence even though it contains violent acts. I’ve went on to read Death Without Company and enjoyed that one as well but The Cold Dish remains my favorite thus far. There are ten books in the series.

Gods and Beasts by Denise Mina (US, Feb 26) this book comes out next week. The book features DS Alex Morrow.  I’ve not read Denise Mina. I do have Garnethill to be read one day soon. She is raved by just about everybody.

Bad Blood by Arne Dahl (US, Aug 2013) is the follow-up to his excellent Misterioso. It features another serial killer supposedly. I am averse to such plots but by certain writers, I am willing to forgo my abhorrence of them because their writing is just that good

Unseen: A Will Trent Novel by Karin Slaughter (US, July 2013). I still have Criminal to read. After a year or two of no reading Slaughter,  I’ve decided to give her another shot. She’s a terrific writer! She broke me of expecting happy endings in mystery novels that’s for damn sure.  Her mystery novels attracted a lot of romance readers but what she did was unforgivable to some. I disagreed with her decision to kill off a major character but I’ve moved on thanks in part to Tee, a reader who visits this blog.

The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly (US, December 2013) This is yet another Mickey Haller book. I am way behind in reading this series. *hangs head in shame*

Red Sky In Morning by Paul Lynch (US, Nov 2013) Heard about this book via Twitter that Daniel Woodrell was raving about this one. It’s set in set in” Donegal and America in 1832″ and described as a historical epic. The book description is listed on the Amazon website.  I’m still debating on this one as it’s described as being his tragic debut. Ugh.

Through The Evil Days by Julia Spencer-Fleming (US, Nov 2013) The latest in the saga that is Rev. Clare Fergusson and Russ Van Alstyne’s life. I still haven’t read the last book, One Was A Soldier yet. I have been spoiled (asked for it actually) and I don’t think I’m interested in going down that pathway. Who knows. It’s on my wishlist.

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  1. Keishon – Oh, there goes my TBR budget! I like the Walt Longmire series very much myself, and there’s a new Mina coming out too? *sigh* Yes, my Kindle will definitely be filling up………


  2. Steven T. Murray says:

    Hi Keishon, take a look at my translation of SNOW WHITE MUST DIE by Nele Neuhaus, a bestselling police procedural set in the Taunus area outside of Frankfurt. Out now from St. Martin’s. Let me know if you need a review copy.


  3. Sarah says:

    Plenty there that I want to read. Especially Arne Dahl!


  4. Tee says:

    First of all Keishon, I’m so happy you’re back with your blog. I hope the break worked out well for you. Looking over your list, I realize what an eclectic mystery reader you are and I envy that. I probably need to ratchet it up a bit on my end here.:)


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