Ranking Jo Nesbø

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The Redeemer
The Devil’s Star
Police (2013)
The Redbreast
The Leopard
The Snowman

Commentary: Those are ranked from strongest to weakest (top to bottom). Yes, I thought The Snowman was the weakest in the series. Titles missing are The Bat (UK) coming out in the U.S. in July 2013. Books should be read in order though unless you are like me and don’t care to read in order. I didn’t start at the beginning. I started with Nemesis and went from there and no, I don’t recommend you doing the same. Reading order is here.

7 thoughts on “Ranking Jo Nesbø

  1. Keishon – Thanks for your perspective on this. I actually thought The Redbreast was a really strong book; I’ll be really interested in where you place it when you’ve had a chance to read it. Personally, I’d rank it near the top, but that may just be me. And I’ll confess I’ve not (yet) read The Bat, so no basis there for comparison. Good ‘food for thought’ here – thanks.


  2. I liked ‘The Bat’ Keishon but it has had a mixed review here. Agree about ‘The Redeemer’ and ‘Devil’s Star’ as being his top reads.


    • I read your review Sarah and bought it. I am prepared for whatever. I just want to read it more out of curiosity than anything. Thanks for the feedback.


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  4. Keishon – Although I’ve enjoyed almost all his books my preferences go to the so called Oslo trilogy (The Redbreast, Nemesis and The Devil’s Star). Have still to read The Bat and The Cockroaches.


    • Hi Jose. I didn’t know any better. I started with Nemesis and only read part of the trilogy. Hope to rectify that soon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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