Another Amazon Kindle Sale & Author News

Colin Cotterill has been making the rounds I see. He’s promoting his new book, Killed At The Whim of a Hat, the first in a new series. Go buy it. I’m a huge fan of his Dr. Siri books which are set during the 1970’s after communism has taken over in Laos. The novels are a favorite of mine because of the quirky characters and the political satire with the added touch of mysticism and folklore.

There are two Cotterill guest posts if you care to read them. The post gives you a glimpse of his sense of humor. The first is from The Book Page, titled, “The Strange Life of Colin Cotterill and the second one is at Central Crime Zone blog, title, I Am A Cult.” Lastly, the New York Times reviews his latest book and gives a positive review.

Tana French. There’s another Tana French interview I found via Crime Always Pays blog. Just to share, I recently got a email from Tana French. I was shocked when I saw her email in my inbox because I forgot I emailed her. How do you like that? I think I sent her the email after I finished In The Woods and that was a year ago. Anyway, I asked her about the next book in the series and she replied back (!) saying that the next book, Broken Harbour, won’t be out until next summer (bummer!) so no new book out this fall like I had originally quoted from someone else (cough) from the same link above (cough). Guess I’ll crack open The Likeness after all.

Last bit of news is that Amazon is having another major Kindle sale called The Big Deal and this one will last until July 27th. What makes this sale remarkable is that the Big 6 publishers are participating (!) like Random House, Harper Collins, etc. According to the article, there are 900 Kindle books for sale. Browsing the mystery list I saw titles by Ruth Rendell, Stuart Neville, Louise Penny among others. Go forth and buy!

P.S. The title of Cotterill’s book comes from a Bushism: “Free societies are hopeful societies. And free societies will be allies against these hateful few who have no conscience, who kill at the whim of a hat.” (2004) as mentioned/quoted in the NYT article

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  1. Darlynne says:

    I can’t even count the number of ways I love this man’s work. Thanks for the links to the articles.


  2. I´ll have to have Cotterill´s book at some point, but Amazon won´t sell it to me so I can wait until I can get a used copy.


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