The NEXT Stieg Larsson

It just seems ridiculous to me to slap a label on a Norwegian writer or Swedish writer as “the NEXT Stieg Larsson” just because they’ve enjoyed some moderate success back home. But there are candidates waiting in the wings to take up where the late Stieg Larsson left off. But some readers at Amazon seem to disagree with the heir apparent.

I ignore such labels and hype. I choose to judge the writer on his/her own merits. U.S. publishers are desperate for another Stieg Larsson type of success though. Are they gonna find it? I think not. Success like that happens once in a blue moon. One last thing. I don’t understand why Jo Nesbø isn’t seen as the next big star of international crime fiction. Readers seem to love him here.

Source: Stieg Larsson’s English Translator

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5 Responses to The NEXT Stieg Larsson

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  2. Maxine says:

    Perhaps because SL is Swedish and JN Norwegian?


  3. Keishon says:

    The next international crime star doesn’t have to be from the same country right? The only commonality between SL and CL is that they’re both Swedish.


  4. Lynn Spencer says:

    I think Jo Nesbo should be a star, too. His writing is just wonderful. If I were his publisher, I’d be marketing those books like crazy and sticking them up on the front laydown tables.


  5. Trish says:

    I never got past the first Stieg Larsson book, which was over-written and under-edited. So why, when I bought Johan Theorin’s books, did I have to see the cover display an enticement that he is “the new Stieg Larsson”??? Jo Nesbo is head and shoulders above the rest of the Nordic crime writers. Larsson is getting a lot of attention because a) he’s DEAD; and b) there’s all the stories in the press about his family and his girlfriend contesting his estate. Ho hum.


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