P.B. Ryan’s Gilded Age Mysteries

P.B. Ryan (Patricia Ryan) got the rights reverted back to her historical mysteries, set during the Gilded Age. The series features Nell Sweeney, an Irish immigrant and governess to the prominent Hewitt household. In the first book, “Still Life With Murder” the Hewitt’s son, Will Hewitt, an opium addict, is in jail and accused of a heinous crime. Nell’s persuaded to help clear Will’s good name and thus you have the start of this wonderful series.

I read “Still Life With Murder” when it first came out in 2003. It’s a quick read. I bought up the rest of the series (six total) in digital format thanks to the author making them all available at Smashwords at 2.99 each but there’s a site wide 25% off promotion going on that ends July 31. You have to make sure to use the coupon code of SWS25 for each book (it’s listed at the site as well). The ebooks are also available in various formats and are DRM free which means you have the freedom to read these books on any device. For completion, the books are also available in Kindle format at Amazon. Sarah at Monkey Bear Reviews has already read and reviewed the first book, Still Life With Murder and has finished the second. Dear Author also did a review of Still Life With Murder as well (Janine). As readers, we are all excited about authors making their backlist available to us and at reasonable cost, too. Thank You.

Reading order for the series is as follows:

Still Life With Murder
Murder in a Mill Town
Death on Beacon Hill
Murder on Black Friday
Murder in the North End
A Bucket of Ashes

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5 Responses to P.B. Ryan’s Gilded Age Mysteries

  1. Keishon, thanks for the mention! I’m thrilled by how well these books started selling as soon as they were republished, and delighted that they’ll have a new audience now! I really appreciate your helping to get the word out.



  2. SarahT says:

    I’m now on the third Nell Sweeney book. I love discovering a new-to-me series which is already complete. Reading all the books close together often enhances my enthusiasm.

    I like your new blog look! It’s minimalist and easy to navigate. I want to change my blog’s appearance yet again, but I haven’t had the time to experiment.


  3. Keishon says:

    @Patricia Ryan – you’re more than welcome and thank you.

    @SarahT – thank you! I am a minimalist at heart. Already on book three? *wow*


  4. Estara says:

    Keishon, don’t the .mobi files that Smashwords offers work on the Kindle, too? And they’d be drm-free, if they did…


  5. Keishon says:

    @Estara, yes, they should. I thought I’d mention Kindle to those who had a Kindle device but yeah they should work. I don’t own a Kindle, btw, but drm free means that the files at Smashwords should work on just about any device.


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