Spoiler Policy: Is it Good to Have One?


oopsSPOILER POLICY: Actually, I don’t have one.  Maybe I should do one. You see, I don’t find spoilers a problem. Instead of ruining anything, spoilers actually increase my anticipation for whatever it is. Honestly, who writes anything without spoilers? Personally, I haven’t seen it. I know some people claim to not write spoilers but labeling something a spoiler is very subjective and how would you know that you’re not spoiling it for someone else? Even with the little info that’s provided, it can still be a spoiler for someone out there. Some readers find blurbs problematic or plot summaries. I don’t disagree  with them either but if you’re online there’s no way to avoid them.

In my 5+ years of blogging, I’ve received one email or comment complaint about spoilers. That doesn’t mean that others don’t feel the same way but why read reviews if you’re not wanting to be spoiled a little?  I’m sure you can write reviews without spoilers but I find such reviews not really helpful to me. Sometimes I need a little more info to help me in my decision-making process. But the bottom line is that I’m not out to ruin your reading experience. But this is not a spoiler-free zone either. Sorry.

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Book Review: The Night Manager, by John le Carré

David Cornwell aka John le Carré can spin a good tale of espionage. I loved The Spy Who Came In From the Cold. The Night Manager is a different type of reading experience. It’s my second book by him. AMC adaptation of the book made me want to read it. I finished it today and it wasn’t with any great joy. I consider the book an uneven read. There were parts of it that were engrossing and other parts that made me frown. The ending is ambiguous. Supposedly that’s his trademark. Continue reading

Film: Blood Simple (1984)

Blood Simple is a 1984 movie written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen who are professionally known as the Coen Brothers. Blood Simple is categorized as noir and takes its title from a line used in a Dashiell Hammett novel, Red Harvest. The Continental Op says in the book: “This damned burg’s getting me. If I don’t get away soon I’ll be going blood-simple like the natives.” That line is supposed to describe a person’s mindset when confronted with a series of violent situations. This was their first movie.

Frances McDormand plays Abby, a woman cheating on her husband, Marty (Dan Hedaya). Her husband suspects her of cheating on him and for quite sometime. So, he hires this sleazy investigator to catch the couple in the act. M. Emmett Walsh plays the detective – Loren Visser, who catches Abby and her lover, Ray in a hotel and takes photo’s of them and gives them to Marty. Continue reading

AMC’s The Night Manager

OKAY SO I LIED ABOUT NOT POSTING ANYMORE THIS MONTH but I am watching AMC’s THE NIGHT MANAGER (2016-) which premiered in the US on April 19th. I feel like sharing my thoughts on the series as I read the book with no spoilers. Eventually there might be spoilers if I continue to post as the series goes along but you’ll be warned ahead of time. Also, if you’re interested in discussing the book or the series you are welcome to comment. If you’re reading the book or watching the series, let me know.  Continue reading

Reading: The Night Manager by John le Carré

Confusing as hell at first but it gets better

Confusing as hell at first but it gets better


This will be last post for this month but I’ll be back. Yep, fun time’s over. I’m leaving up a sticky note saying that I’m reading John le Carre’s The Night Manager. AMC is doing a mini-series of it starting on 4/19/16 and I hope to have this book read by then. le Carre just likes to throw you into the action and explain things later which is fine. I felt kind of lost at the beginning but now I think I’m engrossed in the story. I’ve kind of gotten used to his style now. I loved The Spy Who Came In From the Cold. That’s all I’ve read from le Carre. So enough about me, what are you reading? If you’re visiting here for the first time or never commented before, why not let us know what you’re reading? Thanks for visiting!


Better Call Saul 

Better Caul Saul, 2015 -

Better Caul Saul, 2015 –

Just finished watching the 9th episode of Better Call Saul (2015 -) and thinking this series so far is terrific. Warning: commentary ahead. It’s not Breaking Bad by a long-shot but it has its own set of interesting conflicts. Starting with Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman. We learned a lot about how he likes to con people and cut corners. Better Call Saul is an origin story of sorts of two people Jimmy McGill and Mike Ehrmantraut, set in Albuquerque New Mexico and of course set several years before Breaking Bad. I won’t rehash  the multiple plotlines in this series because it’s trying to find its feet or maybe there isn’t an overarching theme. To me, it all seems to boil down to the dynamics between Jimmy and his older brother, Chuck (Michael McKean). Both men are attorney’s and sibling rivalries. Continue reading