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Ranking The Books: Åsa Larsson

Åsa Larsson is a Swedish crime writer who sets most of her stories in the small mining town of Kiruna. She writes the Rebecka Martinsson series. She’s a tax attorney who often helps the police in their investigation(s). Her character … Continue reading

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Violence in Crime Fiction: The Redux Edition

It seems like the Bristol CrimeFest Convention some weeks ago in London started the debate again about the increase in violence in books and TV. Especially towards women, or so it seems. There are accusations being flung about women writing brutal … Continue reading

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Digital News: Ted Lewis’ Jack Carter Trilogy

I was browsing Amazon this morning and came across two upcoming Kindle titles for Ted Lewis’  Jack Carter Trilogy: “Get Carter” aka “Jack’s Return Home” (1971) and Jack Carter’s Law (1974). Both to be released in Fall 2014. Update: Paul, … Continue reading

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Saturday Crime News

Brief post with links for Saturday, in the “just in case you missed it” department: I read two articles by Jo Nesbo – Jo Nesbo at The Guardian explains how his father fighting for the Nazi’s was the inspiration behind … Continue reading

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Why Books in Series Should Standalone or Why I don’t Care to Read In Order

I am a big fan of reading series book out of order.  I’ve been doing it that way for years. In mystery, more than half the books you read will most likely be apart of a series.  The standalone novel … Continue reading

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