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Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie ranks third in bestelling books after Shakespeare and the Bible
Agatha Christie is the most translated author ever 


Today is Agatha Christie’s birthday! according to my RSS feed at least. I’ve only read one book by her – 4:50 to Paddington (Miss Marple) and enjoyed it! I want to read more so I propose a question to Agatha Christie fans: which three books should readers not miss? She has a huge backlist so narrow it down for us newbies.

Books With Some Staying Power

Do any of the books you’re reading today have any staying power? What I mean by today is books published within the last decade. Would anybody read them again in 50 years? What makes a book good enough to be read by a different generation of readers? Who are the writers in crime fiction today making their mark and will be remembered 50 to 100 years from now? Will we still be reading books by then? (more…)