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Saturday Crime News

Brief post with links for Saturday, in the “just in case you missed it” department: I read two articles by Jo Nesbo – Jo Nesbo at The Guardian explains how his father fighting for the Nazi’s was the inspiration behind … Continue reading

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Why Books in Series Should Standalone or Why I don’t Care to Read In Order

I am a big fan of reading series book out of order.  I’ve been doing it that way for years. In mystery, more than half the books you read will most likely be apart of a series.  The standalone novel … Continue reading

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Recent Discoveries, Additions to the Library and Best Book So Far and Other Stuff

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I thought I’d do a quick post on the books I’ve read so far this year. There’s only one book in this list published in 2014 so take note: I like to read older … Continue reading

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Kindle Deal: Alex by Pierre Lemaitre for $1.99

This impromptu post is brought to you by a really good Kindle Deal. I am not sure how long this deal will last but if you’ve had this title on your wishlist for awhile , now is the time to purchase … Continue reading

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Recently Acquired Books: A Fifth of Bruen and David Goodis

Here I am posting about two print (!) books added to my library shelf. This is a rare, rare thing readers. I am a digital only reader except in circumstances where I want to read something and it’s available in … Continue reading

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Caveat emptor: Is it Michael Connelly or Michael Connolly?

Just doing my part to warn readers: buyer beware. In the age of sock puppetry and fake reviews, we have scam artists on Amazon who mimic (that’s the only word I can think of) a bestselling author’s name…to dupe readers. … Continue reading

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Reader Indecisiveness

I am somewhat of a Dean Koontz fan and I have been wavering over reading another book in his Odd Series that started with ODD THOMAS in 2003. I did read the first book and enjoyed it for the most … Continue reading

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“If that’s how an author loses fans, those particular fans can stay lost.”

I love reading Christopher Fowler’s blog and I recently ran across this very interesting post he wrote, titled ” How Authors Are Expected to Look.” I found the article quite informative. I’ve honestly never given a thought about what the … Continue reading

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