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“If that’s how an author loses fans, those particular fans can stay lost.”

I love reading Christopher Fowler’s blog and I recently ran across this very interesting post he wrote, titled ” How Authors Are Expected to Look.” I found the article quite informative. I’ve honestly never given a thought about what the writer looks like.  This explains why some author’s pictures are decidedly missing from their books. Not photogenic enough? This reader just cares about  the words on the page (or screen):

Ideally, no-one should know anything about an author, but that’s no longer a possibility. We all have to be, if not actually attractive, at least presentable. We have to know how to conduct interviews, do live radio shows, appear before audiences and wear a tuxedo.

and the paragraph that has the quote that I used for the title:

Some writers discreetly vanish as they become aware of the disparity between their ‘bad boy’ writing and their actual looks. We see fewer pictures of Brett Easton Ellis these days. I’m not going to. Honesty is my natural mode, not a schtick, and you’ll get the Arthur Bryant me eventually. If that’s how an author loses fans, those particular fans can stay lost.

You can read the entire article here. 

Remembering Derek Raymond

Picture of Derek Raymond in cap smoking a cigarette According to my RSS feed, today is Derek Raymond’s birthday (June 12, 1931 to July 30, 1994). His real name was Robin Cook but he had to change it since another writer was using that name. Raymond is said to be the pioneer of British noir with the publication of the five books in the dark, dreary and often gritty Factory series that starts with the excellent entry, He Died With His Eyes Open.  I read the first four books back to back. They were some of the best writing I’ve ever read. The books are set during the 1980′s while Margaret Thatcher was in office. Read More About Remembering Derek Raymond

Politi, Jo Nesbø

Title: Politi (Norwegian title), Author: Jo Nesbo. Cover has author and title no pictures

Here is the Norwegian cover for Jo Nesbø’s latest book in the Harry Hole series, Politi (or The Police as it’s known elsewhere). I knew you were just as curious as I was to know what the cover looked like. So when is this bad boy coming to the US? It hasn’t been translated yet. My guess is sometime next year. I can guess better when there’s a UK date.

On his website, they released a video of the release party. I watched it. Understood nothing being said but still, what a huge crowd coming out to see him! Also, it’s stated on his website that the first print run made history is Norway with 270,000 copies and after one day of sales, the book went into a second print run of 110,000 copies. Haven’t read Jo Nesbo yet? He writes police procedurals set in Norway. Start with The Redbreast and go from there. You won’t be disappointed. Video after the break.

Read More About Politi by Jo Nesbo

Nothing Wrong with Being a Quitter

Today’s post is inspired from The Wall Street Journal: Guilt Complex: Why Leaving a Book Half-Read Is So Hard

That link was shared with me yesterday and is only good for 7 days since I am a non-subscriber. I think it should still work for those interested in reading it.

I don’t feel guilt from leaving books half read but some readers do feel obligated to finish reading books that they don’t enjoy. If you need to understand why, maybe that article will shed some light on it for you. I’ve read books for pleasure since my teens and have been through the gamut of emotions and decisions when it comes to dealing with books that don’t quite meet my expectations. Read More Here

Back to Classic American & British Crime Fiction and Noir

Just highlighting the direction I am going with my blog since I started it May 2011. At the time that I started, my interest was strong for Scandinavian crime fiction and I read a bunch of them, too. Two years later, well my current interest seems to be early classics in American or British crime fiction and noir.  I will still read European crime fiction but it will be mostly by my favorite writers. I guess I am not finding any good titles in Scandinavian crime fiction of late or my interest in that area is not what it once was. It was one of the major reasons why I started this blog after all but after two years of a blog dedicated to crime fiction, I think I’ve read all of the Scandinavian crime fiction I am going to read outside of my favorites. There are other excellent blogs that review them for those who have an interest. I highly recommend Sarah’s crimepieces blog for starters.

Read More Here

Saturday Mystery Deals

Quickly browsed and came across these mystery deals in the U.S. Not sure if the prices are matched elsewhere or for how long these titles will be on sale. Hope you all find something that interests you. After the break is my list. Prices are dropping daily and I’m always checking my list of “Ebooks to Buy Later.” If you’ve already seen these, sorry.

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