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I remember hearing all the buzz about the new Welsh TV series, Hinterland aka Y Gwyll last year.  English translation for Y Gwyll is “The Dusk.” There was even a hashtag for it on Twitter.  The series promises to follow in the footsteps of The Bridge (mediocre)  and The Killing (Danish series that set the standard).

Hinterland is labeled as a cop drama and Netflix will be streaming it in the US and Canada.  Date unknown at this time. There’s a trailer in that same link for those want to watch it (forgot to mention it’s in Welsh.) The series was shot in Welsh and in English with no subtitles according to The Guardian. Although I wouldn’t have minded the subtitles as I tend to enjoy listening to dialogue in its original language. 

Here’s the explanation behind the decision to film in English which makes sense I guess:

Hinterland’s star, Merthyr-Tydfil-raised Richard Harrington (not to be confused with the politician), spoke of Welsh being “more poetic and colourful” as a language, but sparer, meaning that scenes in the Welsh version “can end a lot quicker”. And while Welsh brings an almost mythic sort of emotion to the atmospheric landscapes in the series – a staple of the now-established genre – English is said to be better suited to the tropes of detective procedurals.

I’m really excited to see that Netflix is acquiring more of these international series  that you wouldn’t ordinarily have access to like The Fall,  that’s currently streaming and that I enjoyed very much last year. Hinterland was successful enough to have a second season so I am looking forward to watching it when it becomes available. Update: It’s now available on Netflix! 

In the UK the series is said to have already started on April 11th of this year.

Additional reading: Hinterland: the TV noir so good they made it twice  (from The Guardian – 2013)

Mrs. Peabody Investigates blogged about the series last year and goes more in depth and gives the premise of the series.

There’s a Wikipedia entry for the series as well.

Correction to the title originally had “broadcast” and changed to “streaming”