5 thoughts on ““What a scummy business”

  1. It disgusts me. I saw a thread on goodreads the other day from a “member” offering to write reviews in exchange for the book AND then demanding a $5.00 giftcard (to Amazon, I believe) for each published review. And I’ve been doing it for free all this time? What a dummy, LOL!

  2. I’d like to think the poster at Goodreads got blasted by other members for that offer, but I am no longer so naive. It is scummy, it’s epidemic and all the more reason why I rely on you, DA , SBTB and Booksmugglers.

  3. The sad thing is, there are probably people who pay the $2.00. There are a lot of scamers out there who know writers love their dream and face constant rejection. These people prey on dreams of others. A scummy business, like you said.

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