I’ve started watching Justified. Plan is watch the first season this weekend. The first three seasons are free on Amazon Prime. I’m a big fan of Timothy Olyphant. Enjoyed him in Deadwood (HBO). Update: Finished watching season one late Saturday night. I enjoyed it very much. Appreciate the feedback you all shared with me. I enjoyed the dry humor and the small town setting. Hopefully the show gets better from here. Have a good weekend.

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  1. Hey Keishon,
    Absolutely love this series, I just had a friend pick me up the boxset of the series when he was abroad as I’ve missed great chunks of this. I’ll have to start again at the beginning to plug any gaps. Hopefully, my wife won’t drool too much over TO, but I have to say if I was her I’d be drooling over him too!

    1. Hi Rebecca, I’ve heard that the characterizations can be a bit sketchy. I remember this show having some slow spots which made me turn it off. I’ve decided to give it another look now and so far it’s working for me. Appreciate the feedback.

  2. I totally loved Olyphant in DEADWOOD, which remains my all time favorite series. While I enjoy JUSTIFIED, it doesn’t have the same edge as Deadwood nor is Olyphant surrounded by the calibre cast. But it is certainly entertaining. R Lawson Gamble.

  3. I envy you in the sense that you get to still experience some great moments to come in the series. ;) I am up-to-date/watching Season 4 and have to say that the latest episode, entitled “The Outlaw”, had some very powerful plot points that have shifted the series. I hope you enjoy!

    (And maybe Olyphant might try his hand again with an Old West role….or if we stayed contemporary and could have a “wish list”, perhaps meet up with Walt Longmire in A&E’s Longmire? That would be interesting….tho’ I don’t think the competing network’s would allow, ha.)


    1. Hi Chad, your comment was caught in my spam filter. Sorry about that! I am at season 2 right now and so far it is very good. I’ve heard Longmire is good as well. Thanks for the comment.

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