File this under “amused” where mystery writer Dana Stabenow (spoilers) says in response to the varied reactions to the sex scenes in her Liam Campbell and Kate Shugak mystery novels (a repost from 2008 that she posted today):

Sex is a part of life, and it’s fun, or it’s supposed to be. Love and laughter make life worth living, and there will always be plenty of both in my novels. It happens that I write sex well. If I didn’t, this topic wouldn’t, er, arise. My characters are healthy, red-blooded human beings with all the natural instincts flesh is heir to. Unless they are monks or nuns or charter members of Chaste by Choice, they are going to have sex, dammit.

It’s only when sex is written really, really bad that I wish the bedroom door was firmly closed. Seriously. Otherwise, I have no problem with them. The sex scenes in her books were never overwhelming. I really do need to start her Kate Shugak series. Soon. I wouldn’t read the comments to that post as they are quite spoilerish I’m afraid re Kate Shugak series. You’ve been warned. Uh, Fire and Ice the first book in her Liam Campell series did come up once or twice in the comment thread. Some readers felt the protagonists were a little…too fast heading to the bedroom but then the two had a past romantic relationship. I agree. They should have waited. *eye roll*