Cross” (Jack Taylor No.6) written by Ken Bruen has ex-cop, Jack Taylor, going after religious fanatics. A young college student is found crucified. A girl is burned in her car. Vigilante justice is alive and well in Galway. As for Jack’s personal life, he’s finally sober. He even makes for a decent private investigator.

I’ll be brief: the books are dark and yes, entertaining. If you enjoy noir and don’t mind that the mysteries take a back seat to character and setting then you will enjoy these novels. I’m in the middle of “Sanctuary” now and will be finally caught up when I read “The Devil” which is his latest in the series. I’ll spare you all the reviews of those two books. It’s just difficult to for me to share my thoughts on his novels without spoiling all the fun. Plus, I can’t do the series justice anyway. It all sounds so bleak and depressing when I talk about it. My grade for “Cross” is a B.