Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie

Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie

Paperback, 296 pages
Published September 1976 by Bantam

Before I get started, I want to say thank you to the readers who shared their favorite Agatha Christie titles! From the comment thread on my Agatha Christie post, I chose my next book to read by her, Sleeping Murder, published in 1976. No worries if I didn’t pick your favorite title yet. I plan to read more of her work.

This was England at last and here she was, Gwenda Reed, young married woman of twenty-one, on her travels. Giles’s return to England was uncertain. He might follow her in a few weeks. It might be as long as six months. His suggestion had been that Gwenda should precede him to England and should look about for a suitable house.

Gwenda’s husband, Giles, does eventually join her in their home at Hillside. Meanwhile, Gwenda finds her new residence has a lot of familiarity to it and is causing her to be uneasy. As she’s walking down the stairs of her new home, she feels this unmistakable fear of terror come over her. Even the wallpaper is as she remembered with the bunches of scarlet poppies… It isn’t until she’s out with friends and at the close of a Jacobean drama, where she hears the words from a play that she nearly faints and runs out of the theatre. Continue reading

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Television Writer: David Simon

The Wire is about the America we pay for and tolerate. Perhaps it is possible to pay for, and demand, something more. – David Simon (a thank you letter to fans in 2008)

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Casting Choices

True Detective Imagery

True Detective Illustration created by Ben McLeod

HBO confirmed that Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn are officially apart of the second season of True Detective. Honestly, after casting Hollywood actors, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, it wasn’t going to get any better than that.  I’m not exactly thrilled at the casting choices but the only thing that is keeping me a bit optimistic about the thing is recalling that Colin Farrell was really good in Ken Bruen’s London Boulevard film adaptation. Farrell can portray angst and conflict well and with Nic Pizzolatto returning to continue to write his nihilist philosophy, that should give Farrell something to work with. Continue reading

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