The Movie vs. The Book: Psycho (1960)

Copyrighted image that qualifies for fair use

Copyrighted image that qualifies for fair use

I debated  about doing a post on Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho because much of what I’m going to say about it is already out there for public consumption. This post is mainly for people interested in what I have to say about it (and thanks for reading this longish post). After finally watching the 1960 movie, I can say for sure that I enjoyed it very much and recognized some notable differences between the movie and the book that isn’t new or surprising information.

The Look of the Film and the Score

For starters, the 1960 movie holds up well. No surprises there. The look of the film blew me away. The decision to film in black and white was effective in creating a creepy thriller. Also the decision to use black & white to film was to mask some of the gore (what gore?) from audiences (or so it says on the internet). What a sensitive time period. This movie is tame compared to the movies of today obviously.

The famous shower scene for instance wasn’t nearly as bad as the book. If you’ve read the book you’ll know what I mean. That fact alone along with a few other notable differences means the book is darker than the film. The excellent score by Bernard Hermann complimented the movie. It’s one of the things that stood out as well from the opening credits. So impressed was I with the look of the movie that I bought my copy of it. The transfer to high-definition is beautiful. Read the rest of this entry »

HBO’s Show Me A Hero

After what was a torturous, eight-episode, uneven, dispassionate, confusing as hell, my god that’s eight and half hours of my life gone season two of True Detective, I’m looking forward to David Simon’s next mini-series, directed by Paul Haggis, Show Me A Hero. It premieres this Sunday on HBO, August 16th (corrected)

For those who aren’t aware, Show Me A Hero the TV series is based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Lisa Belkin. The description  was swiped from Wikipedia: “The book details a white middle-class neighborhood’s resistance to a federally-mandated public housing development in Yonkers, New York, and how these tensions affected the city as a whole.” 

Upcoming Book to Film Adaptations

Robert Bloch 1959 novel, Psycho which was made into the famous film by the same name by Alfred Hitchcock

Robert Bloch 1959 novel, Psycho which was made into the famous film by the same name by Alfred Hitchcock

Today, I’m kicking off a brief phase of my reading life that I’m describing as: read the book before it’s a movie or read the book if it’s already a movie. More than likely, I’ll be doing more of the former as there are at least three books that I want to read before the movie hits the big screen. I’m reading Black Money by Ross MacDonald that I read is going to be  adapted to film by the Coen brothers. Also, in the same article, it’s said to be his most notable book in the series.

Psycho (1959)

I’ve never had any interest in reading Robert Bloch’s Psycho but since I started watching a few Hitchcock movies, the book came up in a discussion somewhere. The Hitchcock film based on this book is described as his best work. I’ve yet to see the film version all the way through to offer any opinion. So, I’ll take their word for it. (more)


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