Blogging About Crime Fiction: Five Years and Counting…

Blogging reminded me yesterday that I’ve been blogging here for six  five years. In that time I’ve written 484 posts. That doesn’t seem like much but it’s a lot for me. I don’t post daily content like my competitors (lol) and man, I have a lot of respect for people who do that. It’s no easy thing to do and I tip my hat off to you all.

Before I moved to, I was hosting my site in 2006. I was blogging about romance, mysteries and everything in between. So, I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a little while now and still learning.  I’m always tempted to host my site again but I doubt I ever will. Anything security wise, has it covered. Their constant tweaking is annoying but I can live with that. Continue reading

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Readers: What Gets You Out of a Reader’s Slump?

Girl Reading

I am experiencing a full-blown reading slump. Having recently stopped and started several books within the past couple of weeks, I decided to stop trying.

At first I thought I should just reread some of my favorite books in the genre. That didn’t work out so well. I rarely reread anything and once I did try to do that, I set it aside almost immediately.

I’m just curious to know what usually snaps you out of a reading slump? I am going to go with reading something different. Usually that helps. Anyway, wish me luck! I hope to find my reading mojo soon.

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The Hunter (1962) by Richard Stark

The Hunter (1962) by Richard Stark aka Donald Westlake , 1st ed. by Perma Books

The Hunter (1962) by Richard Stark aka Donald Westlake , 1st ed. by Perma Books

“The Hunter” by Richard Stark aka Donald Westlake (1933 to 2008) is a crime novel originally published in 1962 and is known as “Point Blank” and “Payback.”  This is the first book in the Parker series and there are a total of 24 novels excluding the ones featuring Parker and Grofield (another thief with a passion for the stage). The book has been adapted to film twice.

Parker is a professional thief who does serious scores. He’s no petty thief. He does payroll jobs, bank jobs and armored cars. He’s been doing heist like this for 18 years and has never been caught. It’s said that the police don’t even know who he is. In “The Hunter,” Parker is betrayed and he goes on the hunt. He’s ruthless and determined and will stop at nothing to find the people who shot him and left him for dead. They all think he’s dead but Parker is back and in a furious rage to find the people who double crossed him. (more)

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Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbø tr. Neil Smith

Blood on Snow (2015) is a quick, fast paced noir novel written by Jo Nesbo tr. Neil Smith

Blood on Snow (2015) is a quick, fast paced noir novel written by Jo Nesbo tr. Neil Smith

Blood on Snow” (2015) by Jo Nesbo tr. Neil Smith has to be the shortest book I’ve ever read by this author. Also, I see why at one time he wanted or someone wanted him to use a pen name for it, too, because it’s dark. Darker than anything he’s ever written. It’s pure noir and a standalone crime story. The first person narrator and hitman , Olav Johansen, takes readers into the dark alleys of Norwegian crime. Note: this post is longer than it should be. Really.

This great George Eliot quote from the book underscores the underlying theme of the story: “What loneliness is more lonely than distrust?” In the crime world, there are no allies, only enemies.

In some ways, this story reads like a dark fairy tale. Olav grew up reading Norwegian folktales from his mother. She named him after a king. Could it be this king? A man who was extremely popular because he was so well liked and down to earth. It’s an interesting side note that a killer would be named after a well liked king.

Olav is a failed criminal in most things except one: killing people for money. He gets what looks to be a final assignment from his boss that eventually puts him square in the middle of two powerful drug lords. (more)

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